Artist’s Statement

“The beauty that exists in nature is what attracts me to the effects of a wood-firing and, subsequently, to the forms as well.  It is the ‘imperfections’ of nature that I find intriguing and appealing. Not that all ‘mishaps’ are aesthetically pleasing, rather, that we should be aware that there is a wider spectrum of beauty than we readily choose to accept…” 

- Jeff Shapiro, on his work

Artist Biography

Jeff Shapiro was born in the Bronx and presently works and lives in upstate NY. From 1973-1981 he lived in Japan and studied ceramic arts. His work has been exhibited internationally in Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Canada, and Japan and is held in numerous museum collections, including Sevre Museum, Paris, France; Carlo Zauli Museum, Faenza, Italy; MFA, Boston, MA; Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY; Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY; and Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA. Over the years Shapiro has given numerous workshops and seminars around the world and has built two wood firekilns in Italy. He continues to exhibit internationally and maintains close ties to Japan.

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