Artist Statement:

As an artist, the human figure has absorbed and fascinated my visual curiosity for most of my 60-year career. This sustaining interest is probably because my own body is my most immediate resource, in terms of its psychological and physical proximity. While observing the interaction of every day life and its interwoven parts, the human form has given me a reference point to my own existence, as a marker of personal time, and the civilization in which I live, almost like a personal visual diary.

I often use the figure in voyeuristic situations in which irony and absurdities portray erratic behavior, as a way of finding comic relief from society’s pressures and frustrations on mankind. It is my way of escaping the doubts and disharmony of human nature and its routines, and role playing scenarios to my a child playing with dolls. The political and societal problems that exist in the world throughout history also seem to provoke visual images which often inform my work. These figures have become the actors in my introspective narratives.

-Patti Warashina, January 2022

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