Gallery & Artists Donate To Covid Relief Fund

Lucy Lacoste Gallery is pleased to  presents $2,500 to Emerson Hospital for their COVID-19 RELIEF FUND. The money was raised by the sale of work by Montana ceramic artists Beth Lo and Adrian Arleo and by Lucy Lacoste Gallery.

The renowned ceramic artist, Beth Lo, created a series of plates in her witty and endearing style depicting the new norms of the Corona crisis including hand washing, mask wearing and sanitizing. Adriene Arleo, another highly regarded artist and a friend of Beth’s, created a series of cups depicting faces with accompanying cloth mask. Both Lo and Arleo donated a large percentage of their proceeds to the focused COVID-19 Relief at Emerson Hospital, Concord MA. 

As Beth says “I generally make artwork based on the events going on in my daily life.  In this case, the personal is definitely political.  Facebook friends gave me the idea to donate proceeds from the sales of these plates, and I was thrilled to think that I could do something to help.  I chose to donate to the Emerson Hospital covid-19 Relief fund in Concord, near Boston, an area much harder hit than my home state, Montana.”

As Lucy Lacoste says, "We can all be awed and inspired by these world class artists for their creative commentary on the current world events and then donating their proceeds for relief of the crisis. This underscores the power of art to reflect society, comment upon and sustain."

Click to view Adrian Arleo artist page. Click to view Beth Lo artist page. 
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