Inside the Artist Studio: Barbro Åberg

Babro Åberg with her husband, Morton



Barbro Åberg shares images from her studio in Denmark. Through these images, parts of the creative process are revealed, beginning with a sketch. Åberg explains:

"My working process usually begins with a quick sketch. The ideas appear at the most unexpected times, while taking a walk or riding on the train just staring out the window, but most often while working in the studio. I try to be diligent in catching my ideas in my sketchbook in order to remember them later on. While working on a new sculpture, the process is not only inspired by my sketch, but also driven by my intuition, my thoughts and reflections during the working process and the presence, the intensity of the moment.

The way I see it, I now have a large, imaginary "suitcase of organic memories" to my availability, whenever I create a new piece."

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