Ronnie Gould is an artist well known for her Raku fired figurative works. She has a keen interest in animals particularly dogs. Her works have a certain life like quality that captures the animal's essence. 

Ronnie accepts commission works. Contact the gallery if you have a special work in mind.


"2018 is the “year of the dog” according to the Chinese zodiac, and is considered a very lucky year.  That makes it the perfect occasion for my favorite animal, the dog!

The allied partnership between dogs and people dates back centuries from hunting partners to companionship.  “Year of the Dog” draws on the historical art connection of dogs as the subject.  Some of my work is an interpretation based on mythical Greek and Egyptian art, sculptures from Central America, and other ancient cultures. Also included are sculptures of our contemporary canines." - Ronnie Gould on her 2018 solo show Year of The Dog

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